The delivery systems have been developed for:

 • Mould Remediation and Abatement
 • Infection Control
 • CBRN ( Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear ) decontamination.

We can provide a turnkey protocol to meet your requirements with training, data sheets, equipment and appropriate chemical solutions to meet the needs of a range of clients, treatments and environments.


The systems operational characteristics and unique delivery devices afford end-users with state-of-the-art means of combating a variety of infectious situations.

A non-toxic, non-corrosive aqueous mist or light foam with enhanced physical stability for the rapid mitigation and decontamination of Chemical and Biological agents has been developed at Sandia National Laboratories.

The cleaning solution is commercially manufactured using the formula licensed by Sandia National Laboratories (13-C02621). This formulation has low toxicity and is non-toxic to humans and animals, generally non-corrosive and can be used for the neutralisation of many toxants, both chemical and biological. The formulation allows decontamination of areas populated with both people and sensitive equipment; works on all currently anticipated material surfaces and can be incorporated into a wide variety of carriers (ultrasonic atomisers, foams and aerosols) that satisfy a wide variety of operational objectives.

Safe - Despite its power, the primary oxidizers within Pro Clean will decompose into oxygen and water. Consequently, Pro Clean has none of the problems of gaseous release of using chlorine (chlorinated organics) or chemical residues that are associated with other chemical oxidants. And since Pro Clean is totally miscible with water, is perfectly safe to handle and apply to many materials.

Versatile – Pro Clean is very versatile. As a biocide, it can kill vegetative biological agents as well as difficult-to-kill spores like moulds. Similarly, it can treat both easy-to-oxidize pollutants (iron and sulfides) and difficult-to-oxidize pollutants (solvents and pesticides) as well as immediately reducing the flammability. And there is no residual effect on the environment.


Our solution is the most advanced decontamination, restoration and remediation formulation available today, providing professionals with an unmatched remediation tool.

Decon Pro Clean Formula is the "most cost effective solution" in the remediation industry; removing mould spores, decontaminating commercial and residential facilities with a number of different applications, using the atomizer technology.

 • Highly efficacious and environmentally safe, Pro Clean is a broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide and virucide. It disinfects, removes stains, restores surfaces and prevents damage caused by mould and its chemical metabolites.
 • HIGHLY effective against mould and fungal spores and confirmed to kill mould in AOAC testing.
 • SHOWN to be an effective cleaning and deodorising agent against Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds; odour’s caused by mould metabolites and against Mycotoxins; chemical by-products that are known to be allergenic.
 • PROVEN effective as a mould inhibitor in EPA Hard Surface Mildew- Fungi static tests for a minimum of 21 days.
 • INHIBITS the growth of mould in exterior applications on porous surfaces.
 • SAFE to use in virtually any indoor remediation application including hospitals, schools and nursing homes.


 • Aflatoxin Enterococcus faecalis Mycotoxins
 • Anhydrous Ammonia Erwina herbicola Norovirus
 • Anthrax-AMES RIID Escherichia coli (ESBL) Paclitaxel(Taxol)
 • Anthrax-ANR 1 Escherichia coli O157:H7 Pathogenic Avian
 • Aspergillus niger Enterobacter aerogenes Flu(HPAI)MS-2/T-4
 • Bacillus globigii G Series Nerve Agents Penicillium variabile
 • Bacillus subtillus Hydrogen Cyanide Phosgene Gas
 • Bacteriophages Influenza A & B Proteus mirabilis
 • Bovine coronavirus Klebsiella pneumoniae Pseudomonas aeruginosa
 • Bovine enterovirus Listeria monocytogenes Salmonella choleraesuis
 • Butyl Isocyanate Malathion Staphylococcus aureus
 • Capsaicin (Pepper Spray) Methamphetamine Staphylococcus epidermidis
 • Chlorine Gas MRSA Vancomycin Resistant
 • Enterobacter aerogenes Mustard (HD) Enterococcus faecalis (VRE)


Pro Clean kills organisms and neutralises chemicals on contact, with no negative impact on the environment. Pro Clean is safe for people, pets and plants only 8 hours after application. We understand the product is not your only cost. When used in conjunction with the Ultrasonic devices it becomes an effective and efficient solution resulting in the opportunity for increased revenues and decreased costs for your business:

Increased Product Coverage:

Four litres of the Atomised Pro Clean solution mixed (2 litres of Part A and 2 litres of Part B) will treat between 800 to 1300m² in a residence (assume a physical footprint of each floor + a 9 ft ceiling). In a commercial application this number can expand to 2500m² or more, depending on structure and content.

Decreased Application Time:

Pro Clean solution is easy to mix and use. The Atomised mist or light foam spray is the most common application method. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to treat 300m². Most residential properties can be treated in 45 minutes or less including attics, crawl spaces and Air Conditioning systems.

Potential Labour Savings:

Pro Clean allows you to drastically reduce the quantity of labour on each job and allowing for multiple job sites in one day. The solution treats difficult to reach areas such as HVAC systems, industrial equipment, as well as areas neglected by conventional remediation methods. When applied correctly, Pro Clean never fails the post inspection clearance testing, eliminating the need for additional applications and associated costs.

Customer Satisfaction:

For less than the cost of a conventional remediation, you can treat your customer’s entire structure. An added benefit is the same application is treating both the surface and the air for even better remediation results at the same cost for your client.


 • Physically denatures bacterial spores via a surfactant boring holes in their protein armour
 • Oxidizing agents attack the genetic material (DNA) within the spore
 • Hydrolysing agents attack vital bacterial spore contents and functions

This is a biodegradable, minimally corrosive, and broad spectrum detergent with an efficacy and efficiency based upon synergism of its surfactant (soap) properties, its hydrolytic (able to remove Chlorine) and its oxidizing properties can oxidize central sulphur; its capacity to form both anionic and cationic micelles around large proteins on the exterior surfaces of cell membranes hold potential application in topological control of enzyme and receptor function and in killing an array of biological pathogens as well as deactivating chemical warfare agents. Lethality has been demonstrated with spores, bacteria (including anthrax), and virus.

The basic chemistry of the formula is a combination of two basic active ingredients; quaternary amines and hydrogen peroxide. The formula also contains several stabilizing compounds, which help to extend the shelf life of the formula and control the chemical reaction so that the decontamination occurs in a safe manner.

The pH of the formula is around 9.8 making is basic solution. When the formula comes in contact with inorganic acids it will work to neutralise the acids bringing them to a pH of 7.

The formula works differently on organic acids, solvents and compounds. In this case the combined formula breaks the chemical bonds between the individual atoms. The result is a release of water molecules reducing the chemicals on the adjacent list to carbon and non-hazardous inorganic residue.

Once the decontamination formula had been applied and allowed to work the materials left behind are all non-hazardous and can be rinsed away with water. None of the chemicals remain in their original form. None of the residues are flammable and all of the remaining materials can be disposed of safely without harm to the environment.


Solution Preparation

Mix solution as necessary for footage to be treated. Mixed solution is only active for 8 hours. Mix equal parts of A and B. For mould and where testing is needed we recommend not diluting the product. We recommend only mixing enough A and B together for immediate use; the product cannot be re used after 8 hours. 4 Litres of combined solution treats approximately 800 – 1300m² Wear appropriate PPE for the particular situation in accordance with your COSHH requirements.


Evacuate all occupants from building during the decontamination applications:

 • Remove all pets and small plants. Larger plants can be covered with drop cloth or bed sheet.
 • Cover aquariums and turn off aquarium aerator pumps. Aquarium pump should be off for minimum of 8 hours following completion of application.
 • Cover sensitive wood furnishings and floors (polished table, pianos, antiques, etc.) with protective tarp or drop cloths. The spray solution can cause marks in polished finishes of wood furniture if applied heavily enough to cause run-off.
 • Cover and seal fire alarms, a thick mist will set them off, after 30 minutes these can be uncovered.
 • We recommend removing loose debris, especially contaminated debris, before applying the Decon Formula. Where mould or other organisms growth is thin, removal may not be necessary prior to application.
 • Atomize the entire building or area of building with an initial treatment.
 • When heavier organism growth is present, a light foam or denser spray may be necessary for treatment (refer to Ultrasonic Atomizer manual for settings). Such as areas that require removal of visible growth by wire brush, sanding or HEPA Vacuum.


This is dependent on the severity of the mould (or other organisms) in structure, or if it is just being treated for odours. If this is a severe mould infestation case, keep building sealed for 8 hours after the initial application. Air scrubbing and negative ventilation can be used to reduce this time period. Follow all regulations regarding PPM limits prior to re-entry if the reaction period is purposely reduced as above. After the reaction period is over, open doors and windows and allow proper ventilation time until all evidence of misting has been evacuated. Note: Utilize proper exhaust fans if necessary.


After completing removal of all visible mould or contaminate and damaged materials, treat the entire building with second treatment or coating. The second treatment allows Pro Clean to penetrate areas that have been opened up or exposed after the first treatment and debris removal. This is highly recommended for remodelling projects involving wall cavities to be re-sealed after product application.


If post remediation verification will be performed by an independent Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) or Industrial Hygienist (IH), do not ventilate the building until after the verification is completed and the building is cleared for occupants to return. For optimum results, do not have structure tested until 24 hours after final application, it is critical not to test too soon. During this 24 hours, all air moving equipment (ceiling fans, forced air furnaces, air scrubbers, negative air machines, and air conditioners) should be shut down to allow dead and fragmented spores to fall to the ground. After clearance testing, the exhaust fans can be turned on and windows opened to adequately exchange air.


Used correctly, a light treatment will require no clean up. In certain cases with heavy treatment it may be necessary to wipe some surfaces as necessary to remove excess surfactant.

VACUUM (Mould Use)

Use a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system, and vacuum all carpets treated once dried. Carpets could contain substantial amounts of dead mould spores after application is complete.


Clean equipment by rinsing thoroughly with water after every job no later than 1 hour after application is completed (refer to Ultrasonic Atomizer Instructions). Water can be run through the Ultrasonic System for one minute to clean interior mechanisms in a well-ventilated area.


1. What is the basic chemistry and pH of Decon Pro Clean?

Pro Clean is composed of two separate chemical solutions. Part A is an alkaline pH 10.6 surfactant formula. Part B is an acidic pH 2.275, stabilized 7.9% Hydrogen Peroxide solution. The combined Part A and Part B solution is an alkaline pH 9.7.

2. Why is Pro Clean so effective?

ADBAC (Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride), the active ingredient in Decon Formula, associates with negatively charged species in cellular membranes, disrupting the membrane and causing lysis of the cell. Other ingredients "soften" up the cell wall making it vulnerable to attack. Activated oxygen species oxidize critical substances, furthering their demise.

3. How does the Pro Clean solution come packaged?

Pro Clean Formula comes packaged in 1 litre bottles: - of Part A and of Part B, larger

containers are available on request.

4. Why is the Pro Clean a 2 parts Solution?

Hydrogen Peroxide is activated in alkaline solutions but cannot be stored in alkaline solution. Alkaline solutions are generally the preferred pH regime for effective use. For stability purposes, the two parts must be kept separate and not mixed until point of use.

5. How do I apply Pro Clean?

Pro Clean can be applied as a Cold Mist Spray, or Light foam produced by the Ultrasonic Atomiser.

6. What is the coverage area of Pro Clean?

Four Litres of the Decon Formula (2 litres of Part A and 2 litres of Part B) will treat 800 to 1300m² in a residence (assumes a physical footprint of each floor with a 9 ft ceiling). In a commercial application this number can increase to 2500m² or more, depending on structure and contents.

7. How long will Pro Clean remain effective after Part A and Part B are mixed?

Decon Pro Clean formula will remain active for 8 hours or more. The mixed product should not be used after this time. We recommend only mixing the amount of product that will be used.

8. Can Pro Clean freeze?

When applying Pro Clean, the temperature of the structure needs to be maintained above freezing. On the rare occasion the Formula freezes during shipping, or if it's left in below freezing temps, simply thaw the product prior to use.