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Managing Director Darren Magee Senior is delighted to announce Green Frog Enterprises have been awarded the Air Oasis Distributorship in the UK.

More about Air Oasis

If you want your family, clients, or employees to breathe the cleanest air possible, turn to Air Oasis for the high-quality commercial and residential air purifiers you need to reduce the amount of impurities and carbon-based contaminants (bacteria, mold, viruses, odors, etc.) and improve your indoor air quality. Air Oasis technology is sophisticated and is revolutionising the way that commercial and industrial clients sanitise their surfaces and air.

Darren adds "Our UK hospitals, workplaces, homes and vehicles need this level of bio protection, indoor air quality to prevent HAI – this is an absolute must and my aim is to make the use of AHPCO® and Bi-Polar® Ionization technology a standard infection prevention and control consideration."

For more information about the incredible Air Oasis range of air purifiers, please contact us on 01429 800644.

Medical Device - New Technology Update - EndoMed Ltd


With invasive cardiac procedures decreasing EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) is becoming a real alternative to many cardiac patient challenges, EECP is a non-invasive nonsurgical treatment for angina pectoris by increasing coronary blood flow in ischemic areas of the heart. EECP encourages blood vessels to open small channels around the narrowed or blocked arteries which eventually become"natural bypass" vessels to provide blood flow to heart muscle that will relieve or eliminate angina. It's also widely used in coronary heart disease,male functional sexual dysfunction,early high blood diseases,high blood sugar and poor blood circulation caused vertigo,dizziness,cervical spondylosis and physical fatigue.

In the US especially in rehabilitation centres, fitness and sport science centres,  heart clinics and hospitals EECP is becoming hugely popular

Our EndoMed Omay EECP machine was designed by Dr Zhou, the pioneer of QRS trigger technology (which initiates the inflation and deflation the external cuffs) this variable trigger technology is more accurate than other EECP machine modality method, this is very important for the patient’s health and benefits, promoting effective treatment.

The advantages of this machine has been highlighted, confirmed and calculated when compared to other machine modalities, this was easy to establish as Dr Zhou manufactured the first machines for the other manufacturers. As a Biomedical Engineer concerned with cardiovascular assist biomedical engineering having 20 years experience  Dr Zhou studied under Professor Zheng Zhen sheng who is globally acclaimed as the father of EECP

This technology satisfies our Advanced Ethical Technology philosophy and provides us with the comfort that it is a real possibility that we will be able to offer the latest and most advanced cardiac technology available to all, this technology should not be confined to the realms of the rich - available to more patients, delivered without surgery with no side effects.

The machine is robust, design and build quality is excellent

a. Compressor adopted is Gardner Denver imported from Germany, stable and durable with a lifetime more than 50,000hours. 

b. AirTac valves are used, a famous brand renowned for quick response, low temperature and low noise when working, lifetime more than 25,000hours. 

c. The Monitor is a Medical standard industrial computer which can work normally in a severe industrial environment,durable and stable. 

d. Copper fasteners instead of screw thread connectors are used which provides better installation and prevents abrasion  

e. Steel wire reinforced tube which can minimize the losses of pressure and with longer lifetime. the corrugated tube that other EECP manufacturers use expand when subjected to pressure resulting in frequent failure

g. Handheld emergency button for the convenience of patients touching and stopping the machine when an emergency.. 

h. Our EECP machine is equipped with remote diagnosis functions ,Any software problems can be diagnosed and solved in our office.

EECP therapy indications (clinical summary for reference)


1. Cardiovascular disease:

1) Stable angina

2) Unstable angina

3) Silent myocardial ischemia

4) Acute myocardial infarction,or accompanied by cardiac shock

5) Old myocardial infarction accompanied by myocardial ischemia

6) Ischemia myocardial caused arrhythmia(atrial premature beats and premature ventricualr beats

7) Ischemic sick sinus syndrome

8) Viral myocarditis and its sequelae

9) Low cardiac output shock caused by open heart surgery

10) After coronary artery bypass surgery

11) After PTCA(percutaneous transluminal angioplasty)

2. Cerebrovascular diseases:

1) Cerebral arteriosclerosis

2) Transient ischemic attack(TIA)

3) Cerebral thrombosis

4) Cerebral infarction

5) Vertebral-basilar artery blood supply insufficiency

6) Vertigo syndrome

7) Children with cerebral palsy

8) Senile dementia,vascular dementia

9)Parkinson syndrome(due to blood deficiency)

3. Ocular fundus diseases:

1) Embolism of central retinal artery

2) Central serous chorioretinopathy

3) Ischemic optic neuropathy

4) Ischemic optic atrophy

4. Ear disese:sudden deafness

5. Limb disorders:

1) Atherosclerotic vascular occlusion

2) Buerger

3)Peripheral circulatory disturbance

6. Digestive diseases:

1) Peptic ulcer

2) Viral hepatitis

7. Urinary diseases:

1) Chronic renal insufficiency

2) Chronic glomerulonephritis

3) Urinary calculi

8. Other ischemic diseases caused by insufficient blood supply


1. Recovery after cardiac surgery

2. Viral myocarditisrecovery

3. Craniocerebral trauma and recovery after surgery

4. Hepatitis convalescence

5. Age-related memory loss,insomnia,drowsiness

6. Other recovery of ischemic diseases caused by insufficient blood supply

Health care:

1. Mental workers

2. Can not carry out outdoor activities or unwilling to exercise

Eliminate fatigue:

1. Sports fatigue

2. Mental fatigue

EECP contraindications

1. Absolute contraindications:

1) Severe aortic regurgitation

2) Hemorrhagic diseases(bleeding diseases)

3) A variety of heart valve disease or cardiac dysfunction

4) Limb thrombophlebitis or infected lesions

2. Relative contraindications:

1. High blood pressure is more than 170/100mmhg

2. Frequent premature beats(more than 10-15 beats/min),atrial fibrillation,paroxysmal tachycardia,heart rate more than 120 beats/min or less than 40 beats/min

3. Left heart insufficiency

4. Too old,more than 80 years old.

Green Frog Enterprises register with the UK Competent Authority - MHRA

Under the Medical Devices Regulations 2002: Regulation 19 Green Frog Enterprises Ltd have registered with the UK Competent Authority, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency), Registration Ref: CA015120 - Register of Persons Placing General Medical Devices on the Market under Product Category H7 Class I Medical Devices: Airway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And Accessories.

As Manufacturers of Class I Medical Devices, Assemblers, and Sterilisers Green Frog Enterprises will now be operating under the Medical Devices Directive and the above Regulations for the products you asked us to register, by fully complying with the essential requirements, CE marking those products or labelling them as such.

MedAirSteril achieves massive staff benefits and saves NHS Trust significant – (see report)

Green Frog Enterprises Ltd MedAirSteril Technology exceeds all expectations - Environmental and Contact Surface Sustained Disinfection saves NHS Trust £213,000 in three months reducing days lost due to sickness significantly. Our MedAirSteril units are now used in NHS Wards, Treatment Rooms , Day Surgery Theatres, Waiting and staff rooms in addition to Ambulances

Green Frog Enterprises Ltd (AirSteril Technology Healthcare Partners) Health/Welfare/Health and Safety

Environmental and Contact Surface Sustained Disinfection saves NHS Trust £213,000 in three months reducing days lost due to sickness significantly. Our Med AirSteril units are now used in Wards, Treatment, Day Surgery, Waiting and staff rooms in addition to Ambulances - enquiries@greenfrogenterprises.co.uk

October 2015 - New service delivery capability

EndoMed Spain have now agreed that EndoMed Endoscopy Solutions range of Flexible Endoscope Maintenance and repair services will now be available in the UK through Green Frog Enterprises Ltd. Please contact us for further information.

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