•  Effective odour and infection control (without masking odours)
  •  MHRE registered medical devices
  •  A unique combination of 5 technologies working in tandem
  •  Most efficient and cost effective way to help achieve Environment Agency standards in odour
    control for waste transfer and recycling plants
  •  Helps achieve standards set by CQC for odour and infection control
  •  Homecare
  •  Community
  •  Vehicles - ambulances etc
  •  Medical device module
  A MedAirSteril unit takes in contaminated air and purifies it using a unique combination of 5 technologies working in tandem:
  •  Internal - (UV) Germicidal Irradiation and (PCO) Photocatalytic Oxidation work to eliminate Micro-organisms.
  •  Transmitting - Plasma Quatro (T102) Super Oxide Ions and Triatomic Oxide actively seek and eliminate Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Fungi and VOCs in the air and on surfaces.
  A MedAirSteril unit uses five independent mechanism. Each mechanism can be individually controlled to create tailor-made solutions to meet specific air purification requirements.
  The five technologies are:
     •  Germicidal Irradiation (UV light)
   •  Heterogeneous Catalysis
     •  Triatomic Oxygen Sterilisation (Ozone)
   •  Plasma Quatro
   •  Super Oxide Ion Generation

Germicidal Irradiation (UV light) kills micro-organisms by disrupting their DNA and preventing reproduction. Titanium Dioxide Plates inside the unit act as a Heterogeneous Catalysis with th UV light to transform oxygen into a reactive state. Superoxide Ions and Hydroxyl Radicals produced in this process are some of the strongest oxidisers known, stronger even than ozone.

The negatively charges Superoxide Ions work by electrically charging air contaminates as small as 0.01 micros and causing them to form clusters. thus assisting removal from the air and aiding the other processes. Triatomic Oxygen (Ozone) produced via a catalyst in the lamp (Quartz) eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and VOCs in the air it passes through the MedAirSteril unit.

The air leaving the unit holds Plasma Quatro a gas energised by which consists a mixture of activated oxygen, triatomic oxygen and superoxide ions. These interact with each other supplying a very efficient purification of the air and all exposed surfaces close by. This unique, ground breaking MedAirSteril process is many times more efficient than ozone or UV light working alone.

Areas of Use:

  •  Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  •  Day Care Centres
  •  Schools
  •  Commercial Buildings
  •  Food processing plants
  •  Residential structures
  •  Pharmaceutical plants & laboratories
  •  Hotels
  •  Restaurants
  •  Storage Facilities
  •  Government & Military applications


  •  Second generation photo catalytic technology
  •  Permanent bonded quantum nano catalyst coating
  •  Low ozone production
  •  Higher hydroxyl production than TiO systems
  •  Wider humidity performance than TiO systems
  •  Robust commercial design
  •  Equipped with air sensing technology
  •  Double glassed, Long life UV emitter
  •  Non-fouling design
  •  Installation flexibility
  Lower acquisition cost than any other air purification technology

Lower operational costs than any other air purification technology