•  Revolutionary Self-Sanitising Technology - SST  
  •  Safe and non toxic, persistent and can last years
  •  Destroys microbes through a mechanical process
  •  Will not lose effectiveness over time
  •  Microbes unable to build up a resistance to this technology
  •  EPA Registered, internationally tested - proven efficacy
      ASTM E1054
      ASTM G21
      ASTM G22
      ASTM E1428
      ASTM D3273-00
  •  Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 : 2008 Standard
  •  Produced IAW Biocide Products Directive (EC 98/8)
CliniCoat comprises two sections: a polymer base and a long chain of positively charged siloxene molecules. When the product is applied to a surface the silane base forms a permanent covalent bond to the surface. Because the CliniCoat is chemically stable, it will not volatize, leach or evaporate over time. As a result, CliniCoat does not pose n exposure hazard and has been approved for food contact surfaces.

Once applied, the only way to remove or deactivate CliniCoat is to cover the surface with paint or debris.

In effect, CliniCoat resembles a series of needles bonded to a surface.

Through ionic attraction, microbes are drawn onto the surface treated with CliniCoat. Upon contact, the methylene group of long chained molecules of the CliniCoat coating penetrate and compromise the cellular membrane.

As a result of hydrostatic pressure within the cell, the microorganism literally bursts and is destroyed.


  •  All common contact surfaces, door handles, counter tops
  •  Toilets and wash rooms
  •  Floors, walls, ceilings, HVAC, infrastructure
  •  Waiting Rooms
  •  Ward Areas
  •  Building materials and components
  •  Operating Theatres, CSSD/TSSU
  •  Furnishing and fabrics
  •  Drapes and dressings
  •  Plant and equipment
  •  Medical Devices


  •  Broad spectrum bonded antimicrobial
  •  30 Year proven performance
  •  Will not lose effectiveness over time
  •  Microbes unable to build up a resistance to this technology
  •  Durable bonding with all surface types
  •  Environmentally friendly, safe and non toxic
  •  Chemically stable
  •  Will not leach
  •  Will not outgas
  •  Supplied in ready to use condition

Patient, environmental and financial benefits

  •  Significantly reduces incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections HAI
  •  Eliminates the need for most conventional cleaning chemicals
  •  Durable, broad spectrum bonded Antimicrobial with outstanding efficacy
  •  Safe alternative - protecting patient and healthcare infrastructure
  •  Anti mould and spore qualities - damp and flood damage protection
  Highly corrosive methods such as chlorine based technology has damaged new hospitals, plant and equipment in a matter of months - structural, electrical insulation, conduit, ducting, pipework and fittings fail prematurely due to their use.