Our 123 protocol is an advanced method of disinfection and mould prevention. Uses include general surface disinfection, mould and mildew treatment, elimination of odours, disinfection of medical, dental and surgical instruments and surfaces, disinfection of animal enclosures and water treatment system disinfection. this protocol can be extended to treat the air we breathe and impart it with the same sustained disinfection characteristics.

Simply put our protocol can be described as follows:

1. Clean
2. Disinfect
3. Treat Surfaces
4. Treat Air

It should be noted that overall the aim of this protocol is to improve an enhance any given state of infection control or prevention in any given facility to achieve.

  • A reduction in viable micro-organisms on surfaces
  • A reduction in indoor Volatile Organic Compound levels
  • A reduction in viable bio aerosols

In recognition that there is presently no single infection control technology available to achieve the aims above, this multi combinational approach described provides a solution which does so, a solution in health which will transfer directly into many other industry sectors.

This is the initial step and the most important consideration properly delivered and managed cleaning regime, without such the benefits of the S D (Sustainable Disinfection) products and regime will not be realized.

  • Highly effective hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Removes bio film which is historically hard to remove
  • Removes mould
  • Odourless, colourless and tasteless
  • Safe for use with foodstuffs

During disinfection the product breaks down into oxygen and water, therefore no dangerous substances are formed as a by-product of its effectiveness.

  • Second step prepares surfaces for the application of our bonded biostatic durable antimicrobial.
  • The disinfectant used in our protocol is of our own manufacture, will kill up to 99.999999% (log 8 reduction) kills unbound or non enveloped organisms viruses, gram positive and negative bacteria in dirty as well as clean conditions, therefore acceptance in the health environment. Indeed since testing and efficacy validation in NHS laboratories, the disinfectant has been approved for use in the NHS.
  • The disinfectant has properties which present as unique within the working functionality of this protocol, its surfactant, ionic nature prepares contact surfaces for the application of our sustained disinfection durable surface treatment, by using this disinfectant it has been demonstrated that disinfection is both accelerated and enhanced, in simple terms disinfection is achieved more quickly and efficacy is improved.
  • It is highly effective against MRSA and SARS, salmonella, pathogenic fungi, mould and mildew amongst others.

  • Third step, a single application provides a durable antimicrobial barrier on all types of hard and porous surfaces.
  • Following cleaning and disinfection, contact surfaces are prepared for the application of a sustainable and persistent antimicrobial technology. These technologies are designed to work in tandem with traditional protocols or (and only if surveillance indicates) replace them altogether. 
  • It works as well in real life conditions as well as it performs under laboratory scrutiny, it incorporates a durable bonded biostatic antimicrobial surface treatment on all porous and non
  • It is a revolutionary Self Sanitising Technology which destroys microbes on contact, providing a surface coating which helps prevent growth and contamination from microbes

Methods of Application – Mould Abatement, Room and Tank Disinfectant

Green Frog Enterprises work with all our customers to ensure the method of application of OxySafe, MediClean and CliniCoat are suitable for the customer's specific situation. Our specialist advice is always on hand when required.

Health & Safety

  • Safety Equipment Required (Dependant on COSHH Assessment)
  • Latex Gloves
  • Paper Mask
  • Goggles
  • Hair Net

All 3 treatments are eco-friendly, totally safe and meet or exceed BS EN ISO Standards.